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Sannie Carlson became famouse in no time, bun suddenly it all became too much. She pulled out the pluck (?) og ran away to Africa. Today the former superstar lives in Italy, where she still makes musik.

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Whigfield was world famous in 1994. The megahit "Saturday night" went direcly nr. 1 on the english hitlist, and around the world. Since the huge succes in the midt 90's, Sannie Carlson has made 4 albums and lives in Reggio Emilia, 60 km northwest from Bologna. "A Wild time"... In the late summer 1994, Sannie woke up as a worldstar, "Saturday Night" had long been nu,ber 1 in Spain, but it all went crazy when the Englishmen came home from their vacation, and asked for the song, they had heard all summer. "Saturday Night" now got a in Guinness World Records. (Spelled right?) Sannie is the first superstar ever, to go direcly to the english hitlist, with a debut single.

Sannie: Is was a wild time, I practicly traveled around the whole world and had concerts. When it wasnt conserts, it was photoshoots and interviewes. Everywhere there was people telling her, how fantastic, brilliant, beautiful and good she was. -I was so happy with myself, I got that feeling: "Oh, im so good". I realised something, when I was with a friend.. He asked me, if I had realised, that I had been sitting...... To be continued...

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That i had been sitting, talking about myself in the past 2 hours. I was very embarrased.                 

"Didnt feel like making musik". Everything had been about Sannie, and she totaly up in the sky, with no connection to the rest of the world. In 2001 she no longer felt like making musk,. - I did not have fun anymore. I hated giving interviewes, making tv and giving koncerts. On her way home from a koncert, the singer decided to stop. She went home to her father in Ghana, hver she grew up. -I had to get away from the musikinvironment, or else I had just continued. Then the musik "called her again", and she went back to Europe, to start making musik again, just "behind the scenes", this time. Sannie started writting songs for other people. She is, among other, the head behind Benny Benassis. So the popicon, Whigfield, Is still going strong. Even thoug the lives in her anonymous producerrole, she still records her own musik. Just now, she is finnishing her 6. album.

‎"The producer boyfriend": Sannie never got married og got kids, after she lost a baby. Her motherfeeling disappeared. When she went back to Bologna, 8 years ago, loved blossomed. She fell in love with the 19 years older producer, Larry Pignagnoli. -There was awesome chemistry between us. We have travelled a lot, and worked close together, så it felt naturally, says Sannie and smiles. They have known eachother for 19.... To be continued on page 3...

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19 years... When the Wgihfield fever had sucked the good feeling out of the 42-year old singer, she went back to her father, in 2008, in Ghana, where she grew up. There she got a boyfriend and got pregnant. The happy circumstances stopped suddenly, when Sannie, 2,5 months before due, got in labor. - The birthclinic was filled up, so I gave birht ind the laundryroom. Without a incubator, the 6,5 months old baby not big chances of surviving. Sannie lost her little girl, who she named Uma, after 2 days. -It was a huge chok, that she died. I thought that everything would be normal, but a birthclinic in Ghana, is not the same as the university hospital in Denmark. 

She has never gotten any children since, but that is not a decision she took. - I guess that I putt my tale between my legs (Do you understand?), after that horrible episode. But if it happens, it happens. It is not because I don't want ti have any kids, Sannie says. After the loss of Uma, sannie went to Barcelona in Spain. -I could not stand being in Africa. I had to get away. She called her manager and went back to musikbusiness. I started writing and construct musik. Its a kind og therapy for me, says the woman behind Whigfield.

‎"It's a kind of therapy for me, to construct musik, says Sannie, who foundt comfort by the piano."

Collaboration and translation:
Maria Ørvad Skov


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