sábado, 6 de setembro de 2008

LONDON - Whigfield em programa de TV


Este é o programa onde a maravilhosa Whigfield irá participar dia 13 de setembro em Londres.

A emissora ITV1 vai transmitir ao vivo o programa onde havera votos entre concorrentes. Os participantes locais, podem inscrever-se para participar.

Vamos ver WHIGFIELD todos juntos.

Dance the night away with Fearne
The nation’s favourite dance crazes will be teamed with one of Blighty's best loved presenters when Fearne Cotton hot-steps her way onto our screens for new ITV1 show, Everybody Dance Now!“I’m very excited to be celebrating the dance moves we all know and love," Fearne says. "Even if we don’t think we love them! "It’s gonna be one big night of fun. I can’t wait!”But just what is the best routine of all time?

Everybody Dance Now! will take viewers on a nostalgic and exhilarating journey through the biggest dance crazes of all time, from Night Fever, YMCA and Thriller to Saturday Night and The Macarena.

The programme will feature special performances from a host of famous and familiar faces, colourful dancers, retro pop videos and hilarious home video dance montages.
Limber up and reach for the hairbrush – it’s going to be a night to remember!
13 september 2008, ITV1 - London

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